Best Vegetable Cutting Tools for Cooking 2022


As with any other kitchen, what is thought of crucial in a vegetable-ahead kitchen relies upon on what you like to cook. If you like stir-fries, then you could want to get a wok. If you have a fondness for braising, as I do, then you could possibly depend closely on a shallow Le Creuset braising pan. 

Although I have stated some of my preferred, most necessary tools, I didn’t mention my foods mill, which I use only for two uses (tomato sauce and applesauce) but wouldn’t be without, or my salad spinner. Nor did I point out fingers, which are the best instruments for experience the food items you might be cooking or noses, for smelling or ears, for hearing when a approach subtly changes on the stove or eyes for discerning the splendor or flaw contained in a vegetable. You will not have to acquire these you happen to be equipped with your senses now.

But what does stand out for me as the most essential merchandise for a prepare dinner dealing with a good deal of veggies are superior knives and a significant reducing board. With out these equipment, cooking is not exciting or efficient. From there? A mortar and pestle, and maybe just two more. Ahead, applications that are essential in my kitchen, and maybe in yours, much too. 


1. Very good knives and a way to preserve them sharp
A couple very good knives are vital to any cook dinner, but specially to just one who is cooking a large amount of vegetables because they normally need a fare amount of money of slicing and dicing. You do not want a boning knife or a knife with a curved blade mainly because you want to have as significantly call as doable with your board in buy to get the position finished.

A superior paring knife is quite useful. I do a great deal with my petite 4-inch knife: peeling, chopping, and obtaining into modest grooves, like the stems of cauliflower florets. Mine is broader than most paring knives, which is why it is so multipurpose, but definitely, any will do. You’ll also want a single heavier chef’s knife or cleaver for whacking dense winter squash into parts.

It ought to also go without saying that you require a knife sharpener due to the fact they can slice, alternatively than crush, your veggies. And they will never slip in excess of the skin and nick your fingers, both. If you need some professional recs on sharpeners, we have ’em correct listed here.

2. A big reducing board
Supplying on your own a good deal of area to perform is critical. You will come to feel cramped and disappointed utilizing a compact slicing board like the cheese board you received for a marriage ceremony or graduation existing. Wooden or plastic, which is up to you. I used a big, plastic board for a long time before getting myself a lovely walnut chopping board for the reason that I want the glimpse and truly feel of it (and simply because it was my birthday). Due to the fact I’m often hovering about the board, I want it to be anything I enjoy to use. It is not huge—my plastic just one is 2 times as large—but it’s wonderful when cooking for two, which is what I commonly do, and I also have backups when essential.

I advocate obtaining a second board for cutting fruit. Fruit with a trace of garlic just doesn’t flavor appropriate, and if you do not have refreshing fruit to slice very typically, it needn’t be significant. 

3. A fait-tout pan, these kinds of as a saucier
This is a pan I use in all probability just about every working day. Mine takes place to be a stainless metal All-Clad. It is significant sufficient for no matter what I want to do, and its shape is splendidly functional. You can do just about anything in it—except probably make an omelet. 

4. Gorgeous multipurpose bakeware
To me, it is vital that my practical pots and pans also be gorgeous. I have a assortment of earthenware vessels: casseroles and shallower dishes from Prepare dinner on Clay, micaceous pots built by native New Mexico potters, Italian baking dishes, and so forth. When they’re not currently being applied for precise baking, I use them to hold eggplants or tomatoes that are too attractive to be hidden in the fridge.


5. Tongs
There are handful of items much more beneficial than a pair of tongs. A extended pair enables you to stand again from the fireplace or grill, while shorter kinds permit you to get near to your foodstuff. You can use them to turn greens in excess of in a pan or retrieve them from a pot of boiling water and verify for doneness. My go-to? Straightforward, spring-loaded tongs—nothing extravagant, no need for serrated bottoms.  

It helps if the tongs near when not in use so that they fit easily into a drawer, but if they really don’t have the gadget on them that helps make that possible, a rubber band operates just great.


6. Mortar and pestle (or a spice grinder)
There’s anything about pounding garlic with a minimal salt that would make it so a lot far better than just urgent it. And the odor of freshly roasted spices is so great as you get the job done them over the rough base of a mortar. I use a tiny, economical marble mortar and pestle for garlic and spices, and a more substantial 1 if I’m actually heading to make a sauce in it. A spice grinder also helps make rapid do the job of grinding spices into a fine powder.  


7. Far more pots and pans (this may well be cheating, but they’re all vital!)


  • I use my established of stable, properly-created saucepans with inserts for steaming vegetables nearly day to day. Just one fantastic non-stick skillet is a will have to for eggs and pancakes in any other case, I use my solid-iron skillet or grill pan.  
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  • A further pan with a lid or a Le Creuset Dutch oven is critical for braising vegetables or producing risotto. 
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  • A extensive pot, about 6 inches deep, is critical for creating major soups or for boiling water for pasta. 
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  • I have two double boilers: one particular a fancy copper affair and the other an aged-fashioned blue metallic one particular that I bought for the reason that of its shade. I use them for holding mashed potatoes or other vegetable purées, earning the foundation for a soufflé or a sauce, cooking polenta, or melting chocolate. A double boiler allows you continue to keep food items warm with no be concerned. I don’t know why we allow them go out of style—they’re actually so practical. 
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  • Lastly, a a person-quart saucepan for hard-boiling a number of eggs, generating incredibly hot cereal in the morning or quinoa in the night, and for reheating soup for lunch. 
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8. Stress Cooker
I really like my force cooker. It makes lentil soup or sweet potatoes in 20 minutes when you definitely don’t have an hour to make dinner, and is especially terrific for bean dishes and lengthy-cooking grains. I really do not use it as normally as other pots and pans, but I’d come to feel adrift devoid of it. As well as, the insert can double as an more mixing pot.


9. A Kitchen Scale
I truly think each individual cook should really use a single. Kitchen area scales are best for baking, but a much more exact way to measure by pounds. Sometimes it’s astonishing to see how considerably a vegetable, a cup of flour, or two cups of rice truly weighs. Envision you have a chunk of leftover butter or cheese or chocolate. Set it on the scale, then you’ll know if you have more than enough to make that recipe. Immediately after a though you can really significantly judge correctly by eye, but until finally then, a scale can be helpful—if not essential—for having it suitable on the cash. Mine reads in the two ounces and grams, which is practical when you are utilizing recipes that are created by English cooks like Nigel Slater.

This article was up to date in April 2022 with new crucial applications for cooking all the veg.

What instruments do you change to when making ready and cooking veggies? Share with us in the comments under!


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