Do these viral skincare hacks on TikTok actually work?


TikTok is fundamentally an encyclopedia for skincare and elegance hacks. I adore it as a resource for the reason that a good deal of the tips you discover are economical and permit me to stay away from supporting the elegance field, which is problematic for so numerous reasons that it warrants a dissertation. The difficulty with applying TikTok as my personal pores and skin specialist is that just mainly because some gorgeous influencer has a preternatural glow doesn’t imply they’re an true expert on skincare. I questioned dermatologists to assistance me look into which of the viral skincare hacks trending on TikTok we should essentially be accomplishing and which we need to surely stay clear of.

Massaging your experience with ice for redness

I use about a dozen items on my pores and skin each individual day, but I seriously aspire to be a skincare minimalist. When I observed TikTokers begun to chat about the miracles of ice facials, I considered my prayers had been answered. Could the answer to irritation and wrinkles seriously presently be in my freezer?

“Ice does quickly constrict blood vessels, which can enable with redness and puffiness in the encounter,” suggests Muneeb Shah, North Carolina-based mostly dermatologist. “However, there will be no very long expression positive aspects with this treatment, and the benefits will only be momentary. You can use this hack for a speedy “jolt” to your skin in the early morning, but will not go away it on for much too prolonged due to the fact it can lead to cold-induced injuries — i.e., frostbite,” he says.

Wow, that’s disappointing, but every thing Shah is indicating will make sense. Shah is a little bit of a skincare guru on the Tok — he’s not too long ago been named a single of TikTok’s 2022 API trailblazers — so he’s seriously excellent at encouraging people parse out what looks like it is effective from what is truly efficient. Ice facials search like they work on TikTok because the ice does its magic essentially straight away but, as Shah explained, people final results probably will not last substantially more time than a vid.

Smearing on squalane for slugging

Slugging has seriously captured the attenion of a ton of skincare junkies out there. The basic idea is that you slather yourself in petroleum to lock in dampness and other solutions. Sounds very good, but it doesn’t operate for everyone — which include me. I experimented with slugging with petroleum jelly a pair days ago and my experience nonetheless looks oily and crimson. Some of us require an choice. Which is wherever squalane arrives in.

“Squalane mimics our skin’s pure oils, creating it an exceptional emollient,” suggests Elaine Kung, a skin doctor in NYC and Professor of Dermatology at New York Presbyterian – Weill Cornell Healthcare facility. “It’s also a pure antioxidant and has antitumor homes, defending our pores and skin from carcinogens.” Since of these additional advantages of squalane, Kung says that it is far better than vaseline. And as a reward, squalane can also be derived from plant sources, so it is occasionally vegan and is additional sustainable than Vaseline.

Shah agrees that squalane is a terrific substitute for Vaseline. “This is a hack I approve of,” he suggests. Vaseline is the most effective occlusive moisturizer — a moisturizer that creates a bodily barrier, but doesn’t have the exact same and other gains that squalane has, Shah describes. “Squalane is a skin-similar lipid that is one particular of my most loved skincare components. It is moisturizing, and softens the pores and skin, plus serves as an antioxidant,” he suggests.

Scraping banana peels for darkish eye circles

I have experienced the dark below eye circles of an getting old alcoholic considering the fact that I was a toddler. Almost nothing can make them go absent and the only concealers that make a dent experience so weighty that they may perhaps essentially be giving me new eye luggage. So feel me when I tell you that I was psyched to uncover out if I could be healed by applying the inside scrapings of banana peels.

If that excites you much too, properly, you might require to tranquil down a little bit mainly because there is no consensus on the banana peel predicament. “Banana peels are discovered to have significant amounts of polyphenols and wealthy in a lot of bioactive compounds, this sort of as carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamin C, and vitamin E,” Kung claims. “These phytochemicals have potent antioxidant attributes that can assist with discoloration on the pores and skin and antigaging.” Seems promising.

Indeed, apart from that just simply because banana peels have these great houses does not signify that you can get them by smearing them on your confront. “Bananas do consist of antioxidants and nutritional vitamins but there’s no scientific proof that they are helpful for dark circles,” Shah points out. “My recommendation is to maintain meals in the kitchen and uncover a wonderful eye cream to overcome those dark circles!”

Storing serums in the fridge to maintain them fresh

While not every hack you discover on TikTok is likely to get the job done for you and your skin, some of them just make excellent frequent sense. A large amount of common serums — like Vitamin C — will eventually degrade if you retailer them at area temperature much too extensive. Individuals skincare mini fridges that have been trending for a moment ended up well known for a rationale.

You really do not in fact have to have a individual appliance for your splendor goods, but you may well want to stow some of your serums future to your vegan creamer. Shah claims that not only will undertaking so extend the existence of some products and solutions, it make make them additional powerful. “Put your eye serum in the fridge for morning puffiness,” he claims.


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