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Food storage hacks: How to store cheese to stop it from going mouldy


With cheese now witnessed as a luxurious product a the purchasing basket, it’s crucial you know how to store it in order for it to previous as very long as probable. Whilst some cheeses owe their incredible flavours to hte magic of deliberately placed microorganisms like mould, your typical cheeses are finest eaten mould and sweat-absolutely free. kingdom spoke to Sarah Taylor, food hygiene professional at Higher Pace Training about the finest way to store cheese to make sure the optimum top quality and stimulate longevity. 

Sarah explained: “The very best cheese is a lot like a great wine – it is fashioned by cautious control above the milk generated, the approach of producing the cheese and the storage strategies used to age it perfectly – cheese is an artwork variety dependent in exact science. 

“Artisan – or farmhouse – cheeses are produced in ‘wheels’ which are then saved to mature. 

“Once these wheels are slash open up, the cheese is no for a longer time capable to mature in the very same way, and correct storage is vital so that we can appreciate the cheese in all its meant glory. 

“Whilst it is very best to try to eat cheese soon following it is lower from the wheel, storage is from time to time required, so how ought to you keep cheese to get the finest out of it? And are there sure cheeses that must be stored differently?” 

She continued: “Each cheese is distinctive, and so they each individual have distinct requirements in purchase to retain them at their ideal. 

“Hard cheeses these kinds of as parmesan have a minimal moisture articles, and as microbes need food items and dampness to survive, cheese with a reduce dampness material tend to preserve for a longer period. 

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“Because of this minimal dampness material, tough cheeses are superior wrapped in clingfilm rather than in waxed cheese paper (or baking parchment), as the paper will make it possible for the air by means of, and the cheese will dry out. 

“Soft cheeses have a increased dampness content material and need to have to be able to breathe, if comfortable cheeses are prevented from breathing, they can establish up ammonia gases which can taint the flavour and destroy your meticulously chosen cheese. 

“Therefore, comfortable cheeses really should not be tightly wrapped in clingfilm as they will ‘sweat’. 

“Soft cheeses are best wrapped in waxed cheese paper, baking parchment, or reusable waxed cloth, and then set in a tupperware container.  

“If you have a significantly challenging cheese, insert a piece of dampened kitchen area towel to the container and this will aid control the ambiance inside the container. 

“Keeping cheese in an airtight container will also aid protect against the scent escaping,” Sarah additional. 

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For anyone pondering no matter if there is a ideal place to maintain cheese in the fridge, the pro uncovered: “Cheese gains from regularity, for that reason you ought to hold it at the back again of the fridge where by the temperature and humidity is the most regulated.

“Try not to maintain cheese in the fridge door as the consistent opening and closing topics it to vastly varying temperatures.” 

And what about having cheese that has gone a little mouldy – cheddar cheese for instance? 

Sarah said: “Mould inside specific cheeses, this sort of as stilton, is intentional. 

“Blue and white vein mould is released into cheese in get to establish the flavour, and forms alongside the cracks and air pockets in the cheese. The blue (and white) moulds are unique strains of the penicillin genus. 

“The Penicillium roqueforti strain has been particularly picked out for cheese simply because it adds flavour, whereas Penicillium camemberti is utilised for area ripened cheeses this sort of as brie and camembert. 

“These penicillin moulds are entirely harmless to take in because they do not deliver the similar mycotoxins that can be manufactured on other foods. 

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“However, for some cheeses, mould is not a optimistic flavour-maker and like any other food, could make you experience unwell. 

“Cheese which has a superior dampness written content, these kinds of as delicate cheese, has a bigger risk of likely mouldy a lot quicker due to it furnishing a delighted surroundings for germs to prosper in. 

“Bacteria demands food items and moisture to survive and while most microbes are harmless, or crucial to our healthy digestive systems, some can be disagreeable.” 

So how can you fight mould? Sarah discussed: “You will have to consider to manage the threat of undesirable bacterial progress by restricting the movement of oxygen to the cheese, and by temperature regulation. This is where, specially in companies and meals-centered configurations, foods hygiene coaching protocols will need to be followed.

“Many delicate cheeses acquired in supermarkets appear in tubs with foil seals (e.g. philadelphia and equivalents), or wrapped up in portions in liquid (e.g. mozzarella), and even wrapped up waxed paper and in small wood collars (e.g. camemberts ready for the oven). These elements have been diligently picked to permit the cheese to be saved in the most secure way for each and every of their personal needs.

“Wooden collars work really nicely in allowing cheese these as Tunworth to breathe although inhibiting the advancement of bacteria, you can also invest in cheese grottos, which replicate the previous farmhouse retailers. 

“The fashionable take on the cheese grotto guards cheese and merchants it at 75 per cent humidity, these can be kept on the counter or in a fridge. 

“When storing your cheeses it is critical you abide by the suppliers recommendations, and eat them just before their use-by day.” 

For anyone who simply cannot take in their cheese in advance of the use-by date, Sarah claimed you can freeze it. 

“This will lengthen the shelf life of it, but the method of freezing cheese will affect the texture, and the flavour of the merchandise,” she additional. “Cheeses that have a superior humidity articles, for instance gentle cheeses like brie and camembert, risk forming ice crystals when frozen, and the lower temperatures can also suck the moisture out of them, causing them to dry out. 

“It is not proposed that you freeze any cheese you want to love eating on a cheeseboard, nevertheless freezing a block of cheddar that you intend to grate and use as an ingredient in your cauliflower cheese recipe is high-quality. 

“If you do make your mind up to freeze cheese, wrap it in waxed cheese paper or baking parchment and area in an airtight container ahead of popping it in the freezer, and use in six months.” 

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