Kitchen Hacks: How to balance out excess salt in food?


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  • Excess salt in food spoils the taste and ruins the hard function as perfectly
  • Use a ball built of dough as it absorbs excessive salt in the food
  • Lemon juice balances out excess salt in foods merchandise

If there is no salt in the vegetable, then the foods has no taste. But numerous instances it occurs that due to lack of experience, while planning the vegetable, men and women put much more salt in the vegetable. In these a scenario, the total flavor of the food stuff will get spoilt and then people do not even like to eat it and the whole vegetable well prepared has to be thrown absent.

In this sort of a condition, nowadays we will inform you that if there is too much salt in the vegetable, then how to fix it. You can simply minimize the volume of salt in the vegetable by adopting these strategies.

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If much more salt is included to the vegetable, then you can use boiled potatoes. For this, place boiled potatoes in a vegetable with far more salt. This is effective to take in much more salt in the vegetable. Soon after that just take out the potato while serving the vegetable.

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Lemon juice

The style of lemon is bitter. In such a situation, if far more salt is extra to the lentils, then you do not need to fret. Add lemon juice to it as its sourness will equalize the amount of money of salt


If the volume of salt in lentils or greens has improved in any way, then in such a condition, use flour dough. The dough will take up the salt. Immediately after a while you choose this dough out of it. Due to this, the style of equally will also be totally ideal.


You can use curd if there is a lot more salt in the vegetable. For this, insert just one or two spoons of curd to the vegetable and mix it nicely. Curd will equilibrium the salt information and your vegetable will develop into delicious once more.

Desi Ghee

Desi ghee also is effective to lower the amount of money of salt in the vegetable. If along with salt, chillies have turn into far too considerably, then use desi ghee.


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