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If you are passionate about the food you cook and you would like to find a spot in this competitive industry, you can express this passion through answering restaurant chef interview questions. Your detailed and valuable answers should show your dedication. Here are examples of common chef interview questions and how you can answer them:

Why Do You Want to Become a Chef?

Establish your passion for being a professional chef and what ambition you have in improving your knowledge and skills. Share what made you become a chef and whatever it is that motivates and inspires you to be the best in this profession. When you show a genuine passion for your profession, you reflect confidence in your desire to be the best version with your willingness to provide maximum effort and service to your position.

Who is a Chef You Admire And Why?

This restaurant chef interview question will test your knowledge about the industry you are working in.  You should know the key players for specializations in the industry and have a solid opinion on what they do. Although you can also share about being inspired by your mother’s home cooking, the secret is to be able to share what inspires you to pursue this career.

What Makes You the Best Fit for Our Restaurant?

Interviews of chefs include knowing if you will be able to get along with the other team members in the restaurant. You can also be a potential leader who can help in training and guiding other employees.  Know about the company you desire to work with and analyze the items on their menu so that you can look for ways where you can connect your knowledge, experience, and skills to the mission and values of the company.

What Strong Characteristics Should an Outstanding Chef Have?

In a restaurant chef interview questions, this type of question will assess your belief in the qualities and characteristics you should have to be an outstanding chef. It will take more than education and skill to answer this question because you will have to include how you provide a positive experience to other employers and the company’s customers. Ideal characteristics would include:

  • Strong passion and motivation for the work
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Leadership skills

What Are Your Career Goals?

Think about your goal to always be better at what you do. Mediocrity cannot bring you to strive and work hard. You can include career goals like wanting to become an executive chef or wanting to open your own restaurant someday. You need to let them feel that you are always working on being the best version of yourself in your career and that you are definitely going somewhere else.

What Have You Done To Improve Your Skills in The Previous Year?

Good chefs are expected to be always on the go in improving their skills. Let the company you wish to work with know that you are always working on being a better chef. Share what you are learning from watching TV shows, reading books, or taking courses. You can also talk about your plans on how you will continue to develop your skills.

What Will You Do if They Return a Dish You Prepared?

In the life of any chef, there will be some point in your career where a dish you prepared will be returned to you. How will you cope with such pressure to put the needs of your customer first? A good answer to this restaurant chef interview question is that you will prioritize replacing the dish immediately in a calm and composed manner.

Refrain from blaming others for a mistake you made is a good characteristic of a remarkable chef.  Dealing with setbacks in a professional and constructive way is a mark of a chef who is willing to learn from his or her mistakes.

Acing a Restaurant Chef Interview

The high demand for chefs in numerous kitchens around the country entails you to stand out from the crowd. Many restaurant businesses offer good salaries and extra holidays for candidates.

Acing a restaurant chef interview will require quality preparation from brainstorming your previous experiences to showcasing your strengths.

You need a clear understanding of culinary practices and a bundle of both hard and soft skills.  Remember, this is just the beginning of what can be something bigger in your career.

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