Several types of custom cups with lids for everyday use. 

Disposable Cup Materials Pros & Cons - Buying Guide

What are non-standard cups?

Today, personalized mugs are being produced that go beyond the usual white mug with a handle that allows brands to place their logo in the center. From stainless steel and ceramic to other mediums focusing on the mug’s performance — how hot or cold it holds liquid inside — promotional mugs are the following promotional item that takes a handmade approach. Custom cups with lids have become popular and can be given as gifts for any holiday. This is a versatile device that will provide a lot of pleasant emotions. The owner of the unusual cup will use the device every day. 

Types of non-standard cups

The classic mug no longer surprises anyone. That’s why manufacturers offer new and unusual models of cups every day. Unusual cups:

  • A mug in the form of sweets. It can be a cupcake, a donut, or any other item. It is always bright and attractive.
  • Mug with a double bottom. This model is prevalent. The liquid in such a cup is mesmerizing. This is a great gift that will please the owner every day. 
  • Name mug. An excellent gift for a birthday. The name can be printed in large or small print.

There are a lot of options for cup design. You can make the product to order. Cup lids are used to preserve flavor. They can be included with the device. The choice of product depends on the preferences of the buyer. 

Materials for making cups

A variety of materials are used to make tea utensils. Cups are made of:

  • Ceramics. The most accessible and standard material. It is pretty durable, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for.
  • Porcelain. The material is fragile but looks beautiful and has a unique light transparency.
  • Glass. Inexpensive but high-quality material.
  • Metal. Practical and resistant to mechanical damage. Masters make attractive metal mugs, stylized everyday Soviet or military utensils, decorate products painted, engraved or give them an unusual shape.
  • Plastic. Models made of plastic are represented in the broadest assortment, including hundreds of shapes, colors, and sizes. The material is convenient, lightweight, and impossible to break. However, it is unlikely that someone will want to use plastic tableware permanently, so it is better to use a nice plastic glass on a country picnic.
  • Wood. Wooden products are becoming increasingly popular. They are environmentally friendly, beautiful, and original.

Glass is an inert material and does not affect the taste composition of the drink. Still, visually it looks very stylish and practical. Glass cups, mugs, glasses, and goblets are always laconic in design and beautiful geometry of lines. As a rule, they are not overloaded with decorative elements. Such tableware combines perfectly with any style and design of the rooms. It can be used for the holiday table and a romantic dinner. A cup with a double bottom made of glass looks spectacular. This is a perfect gift for any holiday. Thanks to the design, the drink’s heat is kept inside, while the outside of the cup is cold. 

A cup is a universal gift for everyone. Today there is a wide range of mugs for hot drinks.

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