Cooking during coronavirus? Best substitutes for recipe ingredients such as milk, eggs or oil

Sometimes you don’t have all the ingredients you need to make that perfect recipe. We’re here to help.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, we sometimes had to get creative with ingredients because of dietary restrictions or food preferences. If you’re following a recipe or looking to re-create one of your favorite meals but you don’t have the exact ingredients, there are easy hacks to get a similar result.

Whether you haven’t made it to the grocery store to replenish your pantry or your local supermarket doesn’t have what you need, there are ways to substitute some of the most popular ingredients in recipes.

We’ve rounded up some substitution options to help you in the kitchen:

Bread crumbs

Don’t have a canister of bread crumbs on hand in your pantry? If you have a loaf of bread, you can make your own by grinding dried bread in a

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