A Reading List For Learning About Anti-Black Racism and Food

Violence and injustice meet Black people in every sector of life; the food and cooking arenas are not exempt. Black people experience racism and exploitation on farms, in restaurants, and in grocery stores. This racism is systematic, ingrained in centuries of discrimination and disempowerment.

Black people also experience racism in food media; here, Epicurious is culpable on many levels. We are a majority-white staff with 25 years of problematic recipes and articles in our archive. We have failed to lift up, hire, and promote Black voices. We have changes to make, and we have begun to make those changes; the events of the last few days have shined a light on just how much work there is for us to do.

This week many people and publications have circulated reading lists that people—especially white people—can use to educate themselves on anti-Black racism in America. As part of the work we … Read More