This little gadget may just be the best iPhone and MacBook accessory ever made


Let’s not mince our terms. The webcam in even the most highly-priced MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is bad. All the additional so when you assess it to the digital camera in a normal Iphone 13 – let by yourself the Apple iphone 13 Professional or Apple iphone 13 Pro Max. I certainly was not the only man or woman shelling out inflated prices for a decent webcam in the course of lockdown when the environment pivoted to video, and whilst the camera in my M1 MacBook Professional is marginally far better than before it can be continue to hopeless. So I cannot hold out to get my hands on Belkin’s new Iphone mount.

The mount itself is a straightforward, puck-like affair with MagSafe inside of, so your phone locks to it firmly and stays there. And after you’ve accomplished that, Apple’s Continuity Digicam in macOS permits you to use your Apple iphone digicam as your webcam. It is really that uncomplicated and that fantastic.

Why Belkin’s Apple iphone MacBook mount looks like a must-obtain


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