3 Simple Tips For Choosing the Best Crash Diet Plans


As a personal trainer, inevitably my clients want to know the best crash diet plans. Usually, they have an event such as a class reunion, or a wedding to attend, and they want to quickly shed pounds. They know that generally I don’t favor crash diets, however when they insist, I give them these 3 tips for choosing a crash diet.

1) Stay Away From Diet Pills

The best crash diet plans work without the use of diet pills. Diet pills have multiple side effects that make them potentially dangerous. Even diet pills that contain natural substances such as Ephedra should be avoided. Side effects from diet pills include excessive sweating,nervousness, irritability, and dry mouth. A natural appetite suppressant such as Hoodia can be effective when taken in moderation.

2) The Diet Should Require Large Daily Water Consumption

At LEAST 64 ounces daily, or 8 full glasses. The water should be consumed at equal intervals throughout the day, with the last of it being consumed 3 hours before bedtime.The water helps “prime” the kidneys to keep eliminating fluids, and helps prevent fluid retention.

The large amount of water also keeps the urine from becoming too concentrated, which is a problem with crash diets that are potentially dangerous. Always consult with your physician before starting any diet.

3) The Diet Should Have A Maintenance Plan

After a dieter has reached a goal weight, the best crash diets offer maintenance plans. I call a maintenance plan, an “exit” strategy. Without an effective maintenance plan, individuals who have lost weight on a crash diet stand an excellent chance of gaining the weight they lost back, and MORE!

If the diet features an extremely low intake of carbohydrates, carbohydrates should be added back to the diet gradually. The same gradual increase should apply for very low calorie diets.

A regular exercise program, that takes in to consideration an individual’s fitness level, is a must for any maintenance program.

In addition to dieting, my personal training clients also inquired about treatments to get rid of cellulite. I stumbled across several while researching online, but only found 1 that was really a “”breakthrough” product.

So, what is the best solution for getting rid of unwanted pounds and the solution for getting rid of cellulite?

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