A Humble Offering – Joy the Baker

I come to you this Sunday with the little bit that I’ve got. This week was expensive – not in money, but certainly in energy.  I think I left most of my energy in the waiting room of various doctor’s appointments and along the 10 freeway between New Orleans and Houston.

The 10.  That’s what people from California call the highway that runs east and west across the southern United States.  Whenever I add the The, it reveals my California roots.  That highway (and every other) is jam packed enough for the respect of a capital T and yes, that’s where I’ve left most of my brainpower.

I’m happy we’re here together, friends.  Thanks for taking exactly what I have to give. If you find yourself with a few extra moments this fine day, throw on a full album as suggested below.  It’s a Sunday kind of thing.

  I just. I need you to read this.  I Don’t Need My Life to Be Remarkable (New York Times)

  It’s cuffing season.  Get yourself a little creature with bean-padded paws: The Case for Cats  (The Atlantic)

•  This will shortly be a full fledged recipe on foodnetwork.com but let’s not take it too seriously – mix your candy corn and peanuts directly on the counter. Stand, stare, and snack and enjoy: a case for candy corn and peanuts (and an undeniable dad dance). (Instagram)

  I’ve been listening to albums start to finish the past month. This season feels like a good time for Nebraska.  After all these years I think I’ve forgotten to tell you what a crush I’ve always had on Bruce Springsteen.  (Spotify)

  I just checked the calendar and it’s time to bake Ina Garten’s best apple recipe: Ina’s Apple Pie Bars. I only say this because I made a batch this week and was reminded how simple and delicious they are.  They’re pictured above if you need further nudging.  (Joy the Baker)

•  In podcasts this week I’ve listened to these Ologies episodes on Geology so I can keep up with Will, a geologist. Also had my mindset expanded with this episode of You’re Wrong About on Online Shopping with Amanda Mull. (Ologies and Apple Podcasts)

  I’m currently reading All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers. It’s a bubble gum murder mystery written by the host of true crime podcast Crime Junkie. I recommend as a book to fall asleep on top of. (Amazon)

Have an easy Sunday, friends.

My love to you!

xo Joy

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