What you see – Changa food, badiyan price but lots of noise. If we had to give a one-line review for Angeethi, this would probably be it. But then Angeethi is much more than that. To start with, the ambience is totally different from the ones that you typically see in modern restaurants these days. Well, it claims to be the asli dhaba. So it’s got to reflect the Punjabi atmosphere as well.

You, therefore, have cots adorning the restaurant, Bollywood music (lousy) playing in the background and posters of the movie Sharaabi decorating the walls. Then there is the paanwala in one nukkad and a sharab khana in another. In fact, it also has an artificial well, which a friend of ours “creatively” thought could be used as a container for soup. Needless to say, it wasn’t. And then there are signposts directing you to Patiala, Jalandhar and so on.

One would think that such a hinterland ambience would not be the right choice for a formal do. But then we did come across executives discussing the vagaries of business in spite of the shor-sharaaba. In fact, when we visited Angeethi, it was swarming with people.

What you get – You get to wait here – first for a table and then for the plates. But the wait will seem worth it because the food here does not just look tempting but is great to taste too.

Among our clan, while someone liked the Tamater dhania shorba (the Punjabi cousin of Andhra’s Tomato Rasam), others liked the chatpata pickle that they served. In fact, the compliments continued to float around even as we helped ourselves with Pineapple rabdi for the dessert.

Now buffet seems to be a great option at Angeethi because of the variety that it offers at an economical price (Rs. 150 per person). Besides, it serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. However, if you go for a la carte, it could turn out to be a little expensive because the non-vegetarian fare like Murgh kurchan (tandoori chicken cooked with tomatoes and ginger) and Murgh biryani would individually cost over Rs. 150.

But even if you do not go for a la carte make sure that you take a look at the menu card. Styled like a tabloid, it has been creatively conceived by PB Nichani, the man behind the group, BJN Hotels that runs this restaurant.

Our verdict – All in all a great option for a dine-out. Shaadi-Waadi Matrimonial is a must-read here. But make sure you don’t forget deciding on the menu even while you smile away reading ‘Pappu, park kar gaddi, yeh hai sabzi mandi.’ Oh! But then does Angeethi have enough parking space to allow Pappu to park his gaddi? Wish it did.

What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 350

Drive to – Angeethi,
7th Floor, Reliance Classic,
Above Barista,
Near Care Hospital,
Road # 1, Banjara Hills,

Anytime between – 12.15 PM – 4 PM and 7 PM – 11 PM

Call at – 040-66255550

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