Different Coffee Services for Different Occasions


Coffee is such a popular beverage worldwide and you and I might think that it’s simply a matter of pouring it into a cup. But there’s actually a thing called coffee etiquette which can give you guidelines on how certain types of coffee must be taken or served.

Coffee service basically comes in two types, the formal and informal. Different occasions point to which type of service may be used.

Informal coffee service is typically used for luncheon meeting, informal family or social reunions and even dinners. Coffee is usually prepared ahead of time, usually in bulk, and made available for everyone either in a separate area or a particular serving table in a room. The cups, sugar and creamer are also on hand buffet style, and each can simply come up and prepare a cup to drink. The hostess may also opt to prepare and serve coffee to her guests personally. She can do this by pouring coffee into cups already set on the dinner table, while the guests take charge of the sugar and cream to suit their individual tastes.

Formal occasions demand a different type of coffee service. Usually there are servers taking charge of this and they are usually assigned tables to wait on. As each guest finishes up on his meal, the plates are taken away and the servers ask the guest for their individual coffee preference. Coffee is then prepared and served as requested. Some guests specify the amount of cream or sugar to accompany their coffee, while others may request to have these brought to the table for them to do it themselves. The formal type of service offers a nice personal touch to the guests, as it gives them a feeling that they are special.

Coffee is usually served in three different coffee cup sizes, and the type of coffee served or when it is served during the day dictates which coffee cup type is to be used. Demitasse or the very small coffee cups are used to serve espresso or strong coffee after formal dinners. Medium sized coffee cups or tea cups are used for coffee served after informal meals, while large cups or mugs are typically for breakfast or more informal gatherings.

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