Have a “Boston Tea Party” How to Ideas


A Boston tea party themed event will make for a very memorable Fourth of July. Here are some Fourth of July party ideas to help you create a fun and entertaining day for all.

Mixing a little history with some fun is a great way to learn something new. Consider asking everyone to dress in the clothes of the era. There is lots of variety here, as there were the sailors and those that worked on the ship, the colonists, the town crier, and of course, the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawk Indians, that came into town under the dark of night and threw all that tea over board!

Here are a few guide lines to what the American colonial wore:
o Tri corner hats
o A white loose fitting shirt to wear under a vest or a cloak
o Vest and or Cape
o Pants, use corduroy pants, rolled up to the knee
o Socks long socks from knee length
o Black shoes (with buckle if possible)
o Carry a fife, drum, or hand held bells

Female attire would include:
o A mop cap or kerchief, at times a hat
o A long dress
o Apron
o A tucker which is a piece of linen, muslin, or the like, worn by women about the neck and shoulders.

If you think dressing in era costumes is not your thing, consider asking everyone to make and wear a hat from the era. You may even consider a project for the children that will be attending. The can make hats from supplies you provide. In those days, it was considered treason to go against the British King. If you were charged with treason, it meant a death sentence. The Sons of Liberty disguised themselves to avoid being charged with treason.

Making Mohawk headdresses can be a fun as well as a learning activity for the kids, as well as the adults in the group. You may even consider putting on a little war paint.

To go along with your theme of “Boston Tea Party” you may consider re enacting the tea being thrown overboard. Place signs, “No taxation, without representation” around party area. Find empty cardboard boxes and make tea signs on the boxes. Tea was sold in large blocks in those days. Allow the children to throw the tea, out of the designated boat area and into the designated water area. It is a great time to discuss how freedom of speech and the right to assemble is something that our forefathers fought so hard
to accomplish. That is why we enjoy the freedoms we do today.

Some activities that children participated in colonial times may be activities you introduce at your Boston tea party. Grass bowling, bobbing for apples, playing tag are activities adults can enjoy with their children.

More on Have a “Boston Tea Party” Fourth of July Party Ideas

In keeping with theme you may consider a Boston tea party game of jeopardy. Do a little research and make index cards up with the questions and answers. You will be able to find some fun and silly facts that will stump every one and cause a few laughs.

In keeping with your theme you may want to make it a red, white and blue color scheme. Greet your guests with small flags, the kids with bags of red, white and blue confetti or a bag of red, white and blue jelly beans.

Food is always on everyone’s mind at a party. The Boston Tea Party was about the taxation of the colonist’s beloved drink, tea. The amount of tea that was thrown over board, in present day terms is well worth over 1 million dollars. So celebrate with tea!

Make iced tea lemonade, watermelon spiked tea slush, serve Boston iced tea with its tart and tangy cranberry taste. You can make a great and tasty barbecue sauce with tea that is sure to please. And don’t forget about dessert. Fresh fruit with a tea syrup or raspberry tea ice cream will have your guests talking about your Boston tea party for years to come. Enjoy your Boston tea party and the Fourth of July party ideas. You will create a memorable and fun learning experience for everyone!

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