Ogbono soup is an African delicacy. The Ogbono is gotten from Wild mango kennel. After preparation it’s eaten with either Eba(from garri-processed cassava), or Fufu (from cassava) or Amala (from dried unripe plantain or yam)

If properly prepared, it’s a delicacy that can always make your meal worthwhile.

Ingredients/Recipes needed:
(1) Ogbono
(2) Okro
(3) Palm Oil
(4) Onion
(5) Meat
(6) Dried Fish
(7) Stock fish
(8) Dried grinded pepper.
(9) Salt
(10) Crayfish
(11) Shrimps(dried or fresh)
(12) Maggi cubes
(13) Vegetable leaves


STEPS 1.You first of all grind the Ogbono (wild Mango kernel) together with crayfish. The quantity should depend on the size of your cooking pot and an average number of people you want to serve. Also per boil your meat, slice your onions and vegetable leaves.
STEP 2. You cut your Okro with knife or grater and soak your stock fish with warm water. This is to reduce the hardness of the stock fish before applying it to the soup.
STEP 3. You pour Palm oil in a bowl and mix the grinded ogbono and crayfish together with it, and mix very well.
STEP 4. You pour water in to your pot and allow boiling. Thereafter, you add the mixed palm oil, Ogbono and crayfish into the cooking pot. But please do not cover the boiling cooking pot after pouring the mixture; this is to allow the soup to have its elasticity nature.
STEP 5. After 10minutes, apply your per boiled meat and sliced onion into the cooking pot.
STEP 6. After 5minutes, apply your washed dried fish, stock fish,grinded dired pepper, salt, Shrimps, okro and magi cubes. And allow for another 10minutes on the fire.
STEP 7. Add your vegetable leaves to it and just allow to cook for another 5 minutes and your soup is ready.

Written by Henry Okotoghaide

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