Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas (10 Minute Dinner!)

Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas (10 Minute Dinner!)

Shrimp Fajitas make a delicious 15-minute dinner! Restaurant-worthy fajitas packed with shrimp, bell peppers, onions, and homemade fajita seasoning.


These Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas have all the flavor of your favorite restaurant dish but are made at home in under 15 minutes with all-natural ingredients and amazing homemade fajita seasoning. Serving these with Mexican Street Corn Salad and Quick Refried Beans. 

Whenever I go out for Mexican food and am focused on eating healthy, I almost always order the fajitas since they are normally one of the healthier dishes available. I also love that they are “build your own” so I can create my own delicious tacos and don’t have to worry about being greeted with a mountain of sour cream. It’s just not my thing.

This past weekend I was craving Mexican and I decided to whip up some of my own fajitas at home. Usually, I make chicken or beef fajitas, but this time I was craving shrimp. There is just something about sweet shrimp and the spicy seasoning that is hard to beat. 

Other than being delicious, these sheet pan fajitas are as fast. Chop bell peppers and onions, make a quick homemade fajita seasoning, and that’s all the prep you need. Toss everything on a sheet pan, throw it in the oven, and dinner is done. 

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Shrimp fajitas with bell peppers, onions, and fajita seasoned shrimp served on flour tortillas with lime wedges and cilantro.

Tips for Making Shrimp Fajitas

  • If you love to pack in extra vegetables, it’s easy. My favorites are thinly sliced zucchini and mushrooms, which in my opinion should be included more often with fajitas. Just make sure to choose quick-cooking veggies and slice them thin enough that they cook as quickly as the shrimp.
  • Make sure to thinly slice the peppers and onions in the recipe so that they cook quickly and aren’t still raw when the shrimp is finished. If you prefer thicker-cut veggies, start them before the shrimp so they have a little extra cooking time.
  • Choose larger shrimp if you can for this dish so that they cook in the same amount of time as the peppers and onions. If you decide to go with smaller shrimp, you make need to toss the veggies in five minutes ahead of time so that everything is properly cooked and you don’t end up with overcooked shrimp while you wait for your veggies to cook.
  • Adjust the spice level in this recipe depending on what you like. You add more or less chili powder in the fajita mix or add some cayenne if you like things spicy. Some people like to add a touch of brown sugar to their seasoning as well but personally, I don’t think it is needed.

Side Dishes for Shrimp Fajitas

There are so many options! Go the traditional route and serve the fajitas with some warm flour tortillas, shredded cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo.  Try them wrapped in lettuce wraps with black beans and avocado. Make a fajita bowl with brown rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice. 

  • Go the traditional route and serve your fajitas with refried beans and Mexican rice. For something lighter, make Mexican Cauliflower Rice.
  • To add some extra protein and whole grains, consider serving it with some Cilantro Lime Quinoa.
  • When it comes to toppings, you’ll want to include shredded cheese, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, Greek yogurt, and some avocado or guacamole.
  • Warm tortillas are traditionally served with fajitas. You can use flour or corn tortillas, whatever you prefer.
  • For a keto or low-carb option, reach for cauliflower rice or lettuce wraps.
  • Add some crunch and serve these shrimp fajitas in oven baked taco shells or turn them into tostadas. 

Best Fajita Toppings

Fajitas with shrimp, peppers, and onions served with tortillas, cilantro, sour cream, tomatoes, and limes.

How to make your own fajita seasoning?

Making your own fajita seasoning is easy and gives you the power to adjust the spiciness and seasoning level. Here’s a quick recipe to make an easy fajita spice blend that you can keep in your pantry. You will need 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture for every pound of meat.

  • 2 tbsp chili powder
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1.5 tsp oregano
  • 1.5 tsp pepper
  • 1.5 tsp salt
  • Optional: Add more heat with cayenne pepper, red chili flakes, ancho chili powder, or dehydrated jalapenos

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about this shrimp fajita recipe.

Shrimp is cooked when it is pink and opaque. It should feel firm to the touch but shouldn’t be rubbery. In general, shrimp tends to cook quickly so you want to keep an eye on it throughout the cooking process. The exact cooking time will depend on the size of the shrimp.

To defrost frozen shrimp, start by adding it to a large bowl full of cold water in the sink. Let the water continue to run very slowly. Check the shrimp after about 12-15 minutes and it should be fully defrosted. Never defrost shrimp in hot water.

If you remember, you can also simply defrost frozen shrimp in the fridge by placing it in the night before you plan on using it.

I wouldn’t recommend making this recipe with shrimp that are still frozen. It can be hard to control the cooking and many times the outside will cook quickly while the inside will remain frozen. Instead, use one of the techniques above to defrost the shrimp first. Make sure to always dry the shrimp well before using it.

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