The Vacuum Coffee Maker is Making a Comeback


The vacuum coffee maker has been around for over two hundred years when it was invented by the German company Loeff. They are very popular in Europe and Japan, but lost popularity in North America with the invention of the electric and drip makers. However, many aficionados recognize they make a delicious cup of coffee and these machines are making a comeback in the U.S. and Canada.

The reason why these machines make such delicious coffee is due to the fact that the vacuum created during the process of heating and then cooling down the water results in the coffee being brewed at an optimal temperature.

A vacuum coffee maker has two pots, sitting one on top of the other. The two pots are sealed together with a rubber gasket or some other type of seal and there is a siphon tube running between the two. When the water heats up in the sealed bottom pot, water vapor is created due to the vacuum or pressure that is created. The water is forced up the siphon tube by the water vapor and is combined there with the coffee grounds. This vacuum process creates an ideal temperature for brewing coffee.

Once the maker is removed from the stove or other heating source, the vacuum or pressure is released and the coffee runs back down the siphon into the lower pot. The coffee brewing process is now complete.

The coffee produced by a vacuum coffee maker is rich and smooth. No wonder these makers are making a comeback in North America!

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