Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Review: Apsara


Restaurant Reviewed: Apsara, Port Of Spain
Cuisine: Indian
Restaurant Type: A La Carte

If you are looking for an upscale Indian restaurant, in Port of Spain, that serves divine food, look no farther than Apsara. Located in Queen’s Park East, very close to the President’s residence, this eatery has a brilliant ambiance. Book your table 24 hours in advance (Tel no. (868) 623-7659), as the place is always crowded.

I’d like to tell you the bad news first. Don’t expect fast service here. Go early and allow 45 minutes to an hour to get your order. Once you are mentally prepared to wait, you’ll find that the food was worth the wait.

This is a good place for conversation, and you can spend the waiting time talking to your friends accompanying you, or better still taking in the ambiance. The restaurant has brilliant interior design with a lot of Mughal art rendered by a contemporary artist going by the name of Sarah Beckett.

Coming to the cuisine, you could either go for an a la carte menu, or opt for a fixed price buffet. I would recommend going a la carte. This is just the place for you, if you like kebabs; try the Husseini Boti Kebabs for starters.

For the main course you could try a Chicken Tikka Masala accompanied by Peshawari Naan, or Bharwan Aloo Paratha (Indian bread with a stuffing of seasoned potatoes).

If you are in a mood to experiment, I would recommend Murgh Nazakat, among chicken dishes, or if you prefer sea food, try the mouth watering Apsara Machi, or the Masala Shrimp. They can also russle up a mean Paneer Tikka, if cottage cheese be your badge.

I can go on and on about the food but I have listed all my personal favourites, and there are plenty of choices, if you want vegetarian fare, too.

Gorge on the food by all means, but do leave some place in your tummy for dessert, in the form of Gulab Jamun, or Ras Malai, or Kulfi.

And when you get the bill you’ll be pleasantly surprised — it will cost you no more than about Trinidadian $60 (one hundred Trinidadian dollars equal seven US dollars) per person, and that includes drinks, and service.


Service [rating:2/5]

Ambience [rating:4/5]

Food Quality [rating:5/5]

Hygiene [rating:4/5]

Location [rating:4/5]

Overall rating:4/5

Best Dish: Chicken Tikka Masala

Tip: If you prefer a particular wine tell them when you book your table, so they don’t run out of it while you’re eating!

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