Deliciousness host Tiffani Thiessen remembers her biggest cooking fail: ‘I’m pretty damn lucky’

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Tiffani Thiessen will be sharing hilarious cooking fail videos on her new show Deliciousness, but one clip that didn’t make it to air is one of her own.

Thiessen will host the MTV series, premiering on Monday night at 7 p.m. ET/PT, alongside panelists Angela Kinsey, Kel Mitchell, and Tim Chantarangsu where they’ll show no mercy with their commentary about everyday people who were caught on video committing food flubs.

Deliciousness is the best of so many things,” Thiessen tells EW. “It’s the videos you can’t stop watching, whether it’s from YouTube or social media, and they’re all compiled together. These will focus on food and the holidays, specifically. What I love about all these elements is that it’s just a fun show where you don’t have to think too much. You can just kick back with a cocktail and just escape for a little while. I think that’s the type of TV we’re all craving right now during the holidays.”

One food fail video she’s elated didn’t make it on the show is one of her own, shot on her cooking show Dinner at Tiffani’s. It did make it to air just once, though she confirms it was edited out so it never sees the light of day again.

“I remember shooting a segment on my show and I was saying something to camera,” she recalls. “I was probably telling them what I was going to do next. I didn’t realize I had oil in the pan and it went fully on fire. The fact that I didn’t burn anything on my body or singed my eyebrows off, I’m pretty damn lucky. That’s definitely one of the bigger fires I set in a kitchen before and it was on TV. [Laughs] The camera guy literally had to tell me we had to cut because the fire was getting worse!”

For anyone hoping to attempt crazy stunts for a chance to appear on Deliciousness you better think again. A stern warning before the show even airs explains the network does not accept submissions, though Thiessen believes that could stem from past experiences on Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness.

“Isn’t it crazy that we have to have a warning? I don’t know why we do, maybe from past experiences on Ridiculousness?” the Saved the Bell star and cookbook author ponders. “It’s the producers of the show that actually find the videos. I will admit, I have seen videos myself and suggested them in the past. I’m not gonna lie! And I may continue to do that.”

Thiessen can’t speak highly enough of Kinsey, Mitchell, and Chantarangsu, all three of whom she was fans of before sharing this journey together. And the trio do a lot of talking about food on the series, of course, and fans will see some of it enter the set at some point.

“They’re so great! I had never met them before but when we put together the panel, they were always at the top of the list,” she says of the trio. “I’ve loved Angela since watching her on The Office. She has this dry sense of humor that really speaks to me. The MTV crowd needs no introduction to Kel, and same with Tim. Once we were all together, we just vibed from the beginning. I could not believe I was taking a paycheck to have so much fun with these people!”

She adds about the food, “What I will say is that I actually do bring on some of my food on the show. You will get to see that because there’s an episode where we discuss whether cheesecake is a pie or a cake? Most of us think it’s a pie, right? It has a crust! I have a famous cream cheese pie that I make and I bring it onto the show and the panel gets to taste it. We really just have a lot of fun!”

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