10 Life Hacks Every Student Needs For Dorm Life


Getting ready to live on campus is exciting, and also complicated because as fun as dorms are, it is like camping all the time.

Say hello to a new kind of freedom, and goodbye to privacy or a personal shower. Make the best out of the space situation by being prepared. With the right dorm room hacks, you can live well and be comfy.

Here are 10 life hacks that every student needs to know to live well in the dorms, and make plenty of friends.

Have Reusables Ready

Don’t forget to bring your reusable water bottle, coffee mug, portable coffee mug and even some upper wear with you to college. Your main source of food will likely be the dining halls from now on, that includes water and coffee unless you brought a Keurig and a Brita filter!


When you go to the dining hall, always bring your mug for an extra cup of coffee and fill up your water bottle. If you can sneak out some extra food in your Tupperware then you are ready for a full day on campus. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! 

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Space Saving Closet Materials

One of the hardest parts about living in a dorm is the lack of closet space, especially when you are used to a normal-sized closet back home. It is time to get creative and find ways to save space to fit all your winter coats and statement party dresses.

Get a hanging shelf organizer with drop-down shelves, they are usually less than $15 at any home store or Amazon and are well worth it for saving space. You can also get hangers that can hold more than one item!

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Eye Mask & Earplugs

Whether you are sensitive to light and or noise, or just have that one roommate who studies all night long, you will want equipment for sleeping well in a crowded room.

Get an eye sleeping mask to block out the light at the very least, it is a game-changer for getting good and consistent sleep. If you are sensitive to noise, earplugs are another essential. They may be a little uncomfortable at first but you will adjust once you start getting good sleep.

A Door Stopper

Dorm life is social, you are in a new place and bound to meet lots of new people. Make that step easier by having a door stopper to keep the door open when you are in the room so people can feel freer to knock on your door and introduce themselves.

If the door is always closed, people won’t know that you are ready or open to hanging out. By propping the door open you are leaving it open to new opportunities and social connections.

Keurig’s Are The Most Versatile Dorm Kitchenette

If you are lucky enough to have some dorm-sized kitchenette tools in your room, a Keurig is a good investment because you can make more than just coffee or tea. You can use hot water to make ramen, oatmeal and more.

Sure, you could just go for an electric kettle but the coffee feature of a Keurig is nice to have. Other dorms hacks include microwave tricks such as scrambled eggs or mug cakes.

Get Bedside Essentials

Dorms are pretty small, other than your bed and your desk there isn’t a lot of room to move around. So you can expect that when you aren’t sitting at your desk you will be chilling on your bed, so get some support products.

One such could be a bedside caddy table, the kind that pops onto the side of the bed giving you a bedside table for your drink or books. Another could be a bed desk, so you can study or be ready from bed, and finally a pillow to prop you up while studying from bed.

Put Your Schedule On Your Lockscreen

If you are new to being in college, it is hard to keep track of where you need to be from classes to sections and study groups. Put your schedule on your lock screen so you can stay organized and on top of all your meetings.

Invest In Group Games

Back to the topic of making friends with the people in your building, get some group games to break the ice. If you feel like hanging out with new people just head to the common room and see if anyone wants to play Cards Against Humanities or What Do You Meme?

Have The Right Bathroom Caddy & Flip Flops

The bathroom in the dorms is not the most glamorous part of living on campus but with the right essentials, it isn’t a big deal. A mesh bag is helpful so that it dries quickly, some people complain about the plastic ones not drying fast enough, but it depends on how many shower things you have. A mesh caddy can still drip on the floor whereas a plastic one can be dried with a towel, so pick your habits!

Don’t forget towels, shower flip flops and maybe a robe to make it easier to get in and out.

Desk Organization Hacks

Your desk is where you will be spending a lot of time when living in the dorms, it is also your vanity, Netflix station and storage.

Have the right organization hacks to make it a modular space. One of such is using binder clips to hold your chargers in place for easy access.

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