Expert tips to host an effortless dinner party.


4. Get your recipes in order.

Typically, with a dinner party, you’re going to be using multiple recipes from different places. Even if they are from the same place, they’ll still require separate tabs open on your laptop or different pages of a cookbook.

I like to consolidate all my recipes into one place by creating a Google Doc or Word Doc and copy pasting every recipe for it. I also put my to-do list for the night at the top of this dock. That way, everything I need is in one place.

5. Set reminders.

My tip for avoiding cooking disasters on the day of hosting (especially once your guests arrive and you are distracted) is to use reminders and alarms for perfectly timed food.

I love doing this on my Google Home, the greatest addition to my kitchen, and it can also be done using Siri or an Alexa or any other smart home device.

All it takes is a simple, ‘hey Siri, set an alarm for 1.50pm to preheat oven’, and you’re covered. I’ve burnt too many onions by not setting a timer!

6. Tackle the dishes together.

My last tip, at the end of the night, is to get everyone in the kitchen to do the dishes and stack the dishwasher. It’s always funny, there’s dishwasher stacking etiquette banter, and the old saying is just so true – many hands make light work!

Happy hosting!

Feature Image: Instagram @intothesauce.

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