January 26, 2022


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Ido Fishman’s Top Quick-Toss Salads For Busy People

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Salads make for a great meal when you don’t feel like eating a heavy dinner or are following a diet plan. They are healthy and keep you full for longer because you can have larger portions. The best part is that there are so many different types of salads so you will not have to face the boredom of eating the same meal over and over again. Anything that is made from larger portions of cut-up vegetables and fruits constitutes a salad.

However, many people find it a burden to make salads because of all the prep work that they require. While it is true that you cannot toss in solid fruits and vegetables in a bowl and call it a salad, some recipes take a surprisingly low amount of time. Ido Fishman Chef shares some of his quick-toss salads for busy people. So, if you are always on the go, you should take note of these recipes.

Quick and Easy Salads For Busy People

Tomato & Cucumber Salad

The tomato and cucumber salad is one of the most basic and quickest salads that you can make. As the name suggests, all that you need are tomatoes and cucumbers to create this filling and savory salad. You can season this salad with some salt, pepper, and ACV if you want that zingy flavor to it. Cucumbers are very easy to chop into bite-sized pieces and barely take 5 minutes. You can even use cherry tomatoes if you want to save up even more time.

Pasta Salads

While these do require some more prep work than the first one, they are still very easy and quick to make. The most time-consuming aspect of this salad is the pasta cooking time which can be overlooked while you prepare the vegetables. You can add any vegetable that you enjoy eating to this salad and that is the beauty of it. Just make sure to add some crunchy and colorful vegetables to it to make it look more appealing if you are storing it in a lunch box.  You should cool down the pasta before mixing in the vegetables and the dressing by running it under some cold water or ice.

Slaw Salads

You simply cannot go wrong with slaw salads. There are so many varieties of this salad that you can have it every day without getting bored of the taste. You can play around with the dressings and vegetables as much as you like and you will end up with a delicious slaw salad anyway. Make sure to use some dense vegetables such as cabbage, kale, carrots, etc. These salads are crunchy, creamy, and flavorful. Ido Fishman advises that you should prepare the vegetables beforehand as they can take up some time. It is best to take some time over the weekend to prepare the vegetables.

Fruit Salads

One of the all-time favorite salads is the fruit salad. These salads are equally refreshing and filling as they contain all the nutrition that you need to recharge your energy. As with most salads, you can mix and match the fruits that you enjoy the flavors of and create a delicious palate. To make it filling enough, you should include some heavy fruits such as apples and avocados into the mix. Throw in some grapes, berries, and other easy-to-cut and peel fruits and you have a delicious salad at hand.

Final Words

After reading this article, I am sure that you will not find making salads to be a time-consuming task. Of course, if you want to bring any change into your life, you need to allow it some adjustment period. You can always make your salads more interesting by including different types of meat such as chicken breast, duck meat, and fish into the mix.

As Ido Fishman explains, you may find the prep work for salads to be overwhelming in the beginning but you will get used to it in just a few days. So, whether you are too lazy to prepare fresh salads every day or just don’t have enough time during the day, these salad recipes are the way to go.