Unusual starter recipe ideas are a fantastic way to make an impression at your dinner party. Far too many recipes are duplicated over and over, making them extremely common. Serving an unusual starter to your guests will ensure that your dinner party remains spoken about for many years.

There is a huge array of different starters to choose, and this is often why the same recipes are used. People like to cook what they know, and many will not experiment with new flavors and ingredients. However, if you think out of the box and serve an exciting starter, you will make the statement you want to achieve.

Planning the unusual starter recipe ideas for your guests

You will need to consider the people that you have invited for dinner, and decide how open to the unusual starter recipes ideas they will be. What you consider being unusual, your guests may think is incredibly strange. If you want to push all the boundaries of cooking, you may want to consider delicacies such as red ant chutney or caterpillar pretzels.

For many people these unusual starter recipe ideas are too strange (and you might not be able to find the ingredients in your local grocery store!) Therefore, you might need to tame your ideas. You will also need to consider what ingredients you have available and the timescale to prepare and cook the unusual starter. If you feel confident, you will soon find that there are some amazing ideas for you to use.

Unusual can mean different

There are several different unusual starter recipe ideas which can be made incredibly quickly and which will not fail to impress your guests. By combining ingredients which are not typically put together, you can create exciting flavors.

This unusual stuffed mushroom recipe is the perfect example of combining store cupboard ingredients to create an exciting starter.


· 20 button mushroom

· ½ cup grated cheddar

· ½ packet sliced pepperoni

· 3 tbsps tomato ketchup

· 1 chopped onion

· 2 tbsps butter


· Remove the stems from the mushrooms and clean the mushroom caps

· Chop the mushroom stems and place them in a small bowl

· Melt the butter in a pan and add the onions

· Cook the onions until soft

· Add the pepperoni and cook until warm

· Add the tomato ketchup and combine all the ingredients

· Remove from the heat and add the cheddar

· Fill the mushrooms with this mixture

· Place in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes, then serve warm

If you like the sound of that, you might also like this baked Camembert recipe, since the cheese is baked in its box and served gooey and hot. Unusual recipes are definitely the ones to choose sometimes.

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